Saturday, January 22, 2022


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Tandem Show 2021 - Where do I begin?!

Late 2021, TandemRC hosted the Tandem Show, a post-season celebration of everything that's right with the RC drift scene, and really it felt more like a party than anything.  In fact, going back through all of the photos & video, I get excited for how much fun that weekend was and hope we get to do it all over again sometime incredibly soon.  The shop made way for attendees and sponsors from all over - Us locals got the pleasure of meeting so many of the Scale Science crew from Denver, who were just the absolute most fun-having bunch.  We also welcomed some of the boys up from Kansei RC Dojo in Tucson, as well as Mike from Tech-1 Drift in Las Vegas.  I don't think a smile left my face the entire time being around everyone who made it out.

The weekend kicked off Thursday, which is really special because normally the shop is closed that day - but for Tandem Show weekend, extended shop hours were in play and we got track time in for 5 straight days in a row - Wednesday THRU Sunday!  Each day had its own little attraction as well: a twins comp here, mini games there, raffles, prizes, the longest and most robust trains I've been a part of yet - it was seriously just non-stop fun.

But Saturday was truly the main attraction.  It was a slew of games, body competition, demonstrations, open sessions in between, good banter with new friends, delicious food in between (we can't forget the adorable hot dog cart lady!), and checking out everyones' wild creations.


Let's start off with some of my favorite memories from the 'Kick The Can' mini game!  The idea here was the do a clean line through the sweeper, knock the Red Bull can hanging from the RC Crane (yes, they make radio controlled cranes), and after each round, the can gets moved in closer and closer to the wall, until you either nail your line, or you miss the can/crash into the wall, and we're left with a winner.

Adriano gets claimed by the wall!

Brandon from @steeze_drifting wins!


Around mid-day, we got a pretty rad and unexpected yo-yo demonstration from Hans (Yohans) Van Dan Elzen, the father of one our younger locals, Chance. Yohans at some point held Guinness World Record for something like 62 yo-yo tricks in 60 seconds.  His demo was ridiculously impressive, and resulted in some of the guys at the shop being side-tracked for the rest of the day trying to show off their very own yo-yo skills.

He even ended up grabbing a few volunteers to show off some basic tricks, and lucky them - they got to keep their demo yo-yo's at the end!

Here's a few of my favorite snaps from the Open Session before the Body Comp - 


You ready for a dumb amount of photos?  Everyone here deserved to have their car shown off, so I figured it was only right that every car got their own snap!  Making a decision on whose car to vote for proved more difficult than any other past Body Comp - we had so many new shells and creations to check out.  I absolutely love how simple or wild hobbyists get with their designs.  Some of these were good enough to just sit on the shelf and be loved, but it was even cooler to see pretty much every shell get attached to a chassis and go out for laps!

The Club Pogi Wisteria Comp Shells!!!

Lani, from Kawaii Girl Gang, ended up taking the win with her Demon Slayer themed JZX, taking home a brand new body of her choice as a prize and as a fresh slate for her next artistic creation!



Speaking of Kawaii Girl Gang - let's talk about them and their cars for a hot sec!  Consisting of Alexis, Brennah, Jaelyn, and Lani - these chicks are sharpest, most creative and collaborative group.  They're always putting in their time studying, training, tuning, improving - ALL while doing super cute and imaginative crafts and hobbies on the side.  If you haven't heard of them or checked them out yet, go give their page a peek and follow: @kawaiigirlgang.rc

Cameo by Mike's drift trike - LOL



Some last minute mentions definitely worthy of being showcased!

How absolutely nuts is this POV drift car???

Stylish and....uh, well here's some of the Pogi crew doing what they do.

WOW.  Look at that straight rad group of people!  So many new friends and memories made - I can't wait to catch up with all the out-of-towners here soon, and make even more!  Have to give a huge shout out to Rob and Shane (and all their volunteers throughout the weekend!) for hosting an absolutely stellar event.  A lot of effort and planning went into making this party happen for us all, and we can't thank you enough.  Appreciate you guys, and the shop!

OK, I'm late to head to the shop and get my laps in for the weekend :)

Lastly, if you haven't already checked it out - below is the video recap of the event, including PLENTY of drone and GoPro footage.  Enjoy!

武士道 - B U S H I D O!