Thursday, May 19, 2011

Xtreme Drift Circuit: RD3 @ ORLANDO (TEASER)

It was HOT.  It was BRIGHT.  It was LOUD.


This past weekend in Orlando, Florida, many spectators, enthusiasts, racers, models, and all different breeds of people had a chance to enjoy some of the top drivers from the still uprising world of drifting.  Over 30 drivers competed for a spot in the top 16 qualifers, which was pretty intense given the caliber of drivers present.  Watching Matt Waldin, driver of the Helix / Mishimoto turbocharged Z33, was like watching a sniper pick off his enemies one-by-one on a battlefield.  There was a brief scare proceeding the battle of Waldin v. Moen's "One-More-Time."  But luckily, Matt walked away victorious. 

Although I think many of us believed that Waldin and DeNofa should have had a "One-More-Time" battle in the fight for 1st and 2nd place, we can all agree that it was a good show and we got to see some top-notch skills.  Congratulations to the Top Four Drivers!

Fourth Place:
Nate Hamilton
Third Place:
Jeremy "J-Lo" Lowe
Second Place:
Chelsea DeNofa

First Place:
Matt Waldin

Unfortunately, I can't photodump all my coverage just yet, but here are some teasers of the happenings from Round 4 in Orlando.  Enjoy, Bushido!

^^^Shout out to the guys at V2Labs!  Good meeting you, and definitely going to stay following you all.

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