Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Mechanics of Seduction: Hosted by Art Whino

Every time I've made my way down to the National Harbour just outside of D.C., I always make it a point to stop at this gallery, Art Whino.  As I'm on their mailing list, I found out about an exhibition which they were hosting this past Saturday including the artwork of Glenn Arthur.  Since I love stopping by there and wanted to do something different for a weekend night, my friends and I decided to shoot down there and check it out! This is kind of a change of pace from our regular automotive related postings, but I thought some of you might appreciate it!  (FISHEYE BEWARE!!)

What you see as you first walk up to the Art Whino store front..

 Before you even walk through the doors you'll see artwork popping out at you..

Your senses become overwhelmed while walking through this place..you have great live music to one side..drinks being served to a noisy crowd on the other..and bright colors and media hanging in every which direction.  The two fine ladies directly above on the right are just two of the pieces by Glenn.

A shot from the back of the room..although the workspace doesn't end here.  There are plenty more pieces stored behind the faux walls, either taken down for the show or waiting to be shipped off to a new home.

 I was surprised how many skate decks they had hanging on the walls.  There was also plenty of merch to be fumbled through.  All in all, I am really glad that we got a chance to make it down there.  Personally, I still haven't made a decision on how I feel about the art from the solo show, however I can't say much because I'm not an artist.  The graphic look of Glenn's painting is sick though, and I like the fact that he uses different types of media.  There is another solo show coming up in early November, which I'm now interested in attending, so look out for another artwork post then!  Bushido.

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