Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sakura Zensen

This past Saturday morning, I made it a point to get out to the Tidal Basin in our nation's Capital and capture some sunrise shots with the fully blooming cherry blossoms.  To my surprise, there was an abundance of people in the area, despite the fact that we arrived at our destination around 5:45AM, and the forecast which suggested thunderstorms all morning.  Fortunately, we lucked out..

 Just a few of us were actually up to the challenge of waking up that early on a weekend to catch that golden hour, but it was well worth it.  Here I was playing with my flash, and long exposure a bit and I have to say I really like the way it turned out.

A mild HDR edit of Rob's M35x (Y55).  Lowered on KSport coilover suspension, this car is begging for its new wheel set-up which is on its way.  I think a set of deep lip WORK wheels, with a roof and trunk lip will set it off perfect..

 A little more of the sunrise visible here..

Got a little frustrated by the Prius that was driving back and forth behind me looking for a parking spot, I slid onto some fallen blossoms, laying down some BF Goodrich rubber in the process..

 Looking very "at-home."

In the dead-center of Virginia Ave.  If you look real close you'll see the Washington Monument in the background on this one.  Laying in the street for this shot was definitely a bit interesting..

 Begging for some better fitment,

 Poppin' Pink!

 A Voltex Rear Diffuser sure would set off the rear of this Z33 nicely..

In case you were curious what that red Ra symbol was on the fenders of my Z, it's the logo for Sunline Racing of Japan.  Recently their Z34 has blown up huge stateside, but they have several other Nissan chassis that they make parts for, including S13/14/15, Z33/34, and R32/33/34/35, as well as Honda S2000, Mitsubishi EVO X, and Suzuki Swift.  Check out their page if you get a minute! 

 Our buddy Pat tagged along with his Ford pick-up.  This thing is a serious utility vehicle, and I was definitely jealous during our drive out of the District on Route 50. 

If I had the need for a truck, and room in my budget, I'd absolutely want it to be something along these lines..

This was the delicious breakfast that followed our photoshoot that morning..some crepes and cappuccino at Point-Chaud Cafe on 14th Street.

I'll leave you guys with that for this post.  I'm hoping to get back out and snap some more great photos before all of the blossoms fall off this season.  If not, there's always next year, with a little break for great autumn leaf colors in between.  Speaking of which...look out for a Skyline Drive Cruise Slumber Party presented by Bushido!  Until next time, enjoy!

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