Sunday, December 30, 2012

American Le Mans Series VIR 240

Over this past summer, I made it a point to take a trip down to Virginia International Raceway in Alton, VA to attend the 4 Hour ALMS race known as the VIR 240.  Just two weeks after the amazing Grand Prix of Baltimore, teams were pressed for time and practice as they basically made their immediate way down the east coast to Southern Virginia.  One of the coolest characteristics about VIR, is that part of the circuit is actually in North Carolina; Maybe that will kind of put it in perspective for how far South into the state this track actually is, for those of you who aren't familiar with it.

In usual modus operandi, my father and I were of course way late to arrive at the track and pick up our credentials.  However, I was really stoked about this event and glad that I was able to get him the access that we were able to have and see these vehicles traveling in a much different environment than we've seen previously, including speeds MUCH faster on the straightaways.  On the back straight, past Pit Row and between the last and first turns of the circuit, the drivers would reach speeds pushing 200MPH.

Of course, I was really supporting the Falken crew at this race and wished the best for them, but it was really insane to see all the teams again and even some that weren't able to attend the GPofB.  Unfortunately, the Falken Porsche just wasn't doing too well that day and seemed to be having some issues.  They started out doing decent, but continued to drop places throughout the race.

The fact that the VIR 240 was a 4 hour race was really exciting, because we were used to just seeing the super-short 2 hour races on the streets of Baltimore, which don't provide a lot of passing opportunities, but DO offer serious consequences to any mistakes or wrong moves.  The openness of the Full Course at VIR really proved the difference between vehicle classes, engine power, and driving skill.

Anyway, I really won't bore you too much with senseless filler, so enjoy the rest of the photos below.  And congratulations to Corvette Racing for taking the win in the GT-Class at this race in the series.  Seriously hoping to make it down to Sebring in March 2013 for the Season-Opener!



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