Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cookie Monster Puts In Work

We were pretty excited to finally see Pat's WRX back in full-effect, to say the least.  I'll save you guys the back-story, and just let you enjoy the state that the car currently sits in.  The appropriately named "Cookie Monster" received its final tweaks over the past couple weeks, which included a new wheel set-up, and minor suspension work.  With more to come over the next few months, I'm excited to see how the car will look at the end of 2013.

Running 18 x 9.5 WORK Wheels CR-Ultimates all the way around, the +20mm offset demanded a little extra attention from the fenders.  Easily accomplished with some fender rolling, and upgraded BC-Racing Camber Plates on the rear coilovers, the eye-popping white wheels now fit snug on the body.

 With an extensive mod-list, the most notable thing Pat has done with his WRX is swapped the 2003 front-end of the car to a 2005 set-up including a fully built 2.5L STi block.

I was simply just excited to see this car back on the road so I could shoot it.  There's absolutely not one thing to dislike about the wheel choice, and for some reason I have always had a sweet-spot for WORK CR's.

As aforementioned, there are some plans in the works for 2013 for additional body part change-ups, including accessories from names you might know such as Chargespeed and Voltex.  No diggity.

We'll soon be getting a full, detailed mod-list from Pat so we can share with you more about the specifics on his car.  In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the photos below!  Bushido.

I had to of course throw this one in here.   >.<

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