Saturday, August 24, 2013

O-D'd on Overdose - Yokomo Dori

Recently, I figured it was time to piece my personal Yokomo MR-4TCSD Drift Package back together, and get this thing running again.  To be honest, all I was missing was a universal shaft to get the car back and running, but I used that as an excuse to completely tear the chassis down and re-build with my dream hop-up parts.  I discovered that WELD, a Japanese wheel brand, had developed a division of their company specific to R/C drift chassis, that includes parts for Yokomo, Tamiya, and lots more.  I couldn't believe all of the quality parts they had available, the caliber of the attention to detail and the specific parts developed for what is really needed.

So, I set-out to create an ultimate list of parts that I would love to install on my chassis.  Of course blue-anodized aluminum everything.  I used to shop with a store based out of Japan that some of you may know: Genki Dori Dori.  But unfortunately, it seems that their company has gone under, and I was forced to search elsewhere.  After coming across Banzai Hobby, another shop based out of Kanagawa, Japan, I chose to make my purchase with them. Their website houses a plethora of aftermarket and brand-stock R/C parts, as well as other hobby products including figurines, etc.  I was able to purchase just about everything that I wanted (within my budget for that order), with the exception of just two part #'s which really weren't necessary for my immediate need anyway.

 So I ordered all of my little precious blue aluminum bits, and gathered my other parts that I had already ordered and were waiting around to be installed, and prepared for my re-build.  I have since, ordered again from Banzai Hobby, and definitely plan on going back to them for more orders.  I love that they have everything that I was looking for in one simple place, and at a very reasonable price.

As you can see from the photos...I went a little ham with my list.  I figured, I might as well just go ahead and order everything that I would eventually be buying anyways, and just get it all out of the way at one time.  I couldn't wait to open all of these little packages and prepare everything to be bolted to the chassis.

Obviously, about 90% of the stuff I ordered was from WELD Overdose, and I couldn't be happier with that decision.  I love that WELD brands a lot of their products by legit company endorsements.  For example, I decided to pick up the above WORK Emotion CR Kiwami wheels, which were released not too much longer after the actual wheels were produced by WORK Wheels.  These things are such amazing replicas, it's unreal.  The white color that they used for the plastic is crazy realistic, and even the details that went into producing the miniaturized WORK logo on the edge of the inside lip blows my mind.  And they indeed look at home in their place on the Yokomo chassis.

Here's a goody list of all the parts that came from this purchase, as well as what's on the car currently:

OD 1298 Overdose Aluminum C-Hub & Upright Set
OD 1300 Overdose Aluminum Rear Upright
OD 1244 Overdose Aluminum Front Shock Tower
OD 1246 Overdose Aluminum Rear Shock Tower
OD 1239 Overdose Aluminum Front Brace
OD 1240 Overdose Aluminum Front Tower Bar
OD 1194 Overdose Aluminum Front Gear Case Mount
OD 1195 Overdose Aluminum Rear Gear Case Mount
OD 1041 Overdose Aluminum Bumper Support
OD 1251 Overdose Aluminum Battery Support
OD 1250 Overdose Aluminum Motor Mount
OD 1211 Overdose Aluminum Type 3 Spur Gear Support
OD 1350 Overdose Aluminum Servo Saver Horn Type 2
OD 1178 Overdose More Angle Driveshaft Set
OD 1081 Overdose WORK Emotion CR Kiwami (+7 Offset)
D-001 Yokomo Aluminum Servo Mount
D-002 Yokomo Aluminum Rear Chassis Brace
D-021 Yokomo HP Front One Way Unit
D-024 Yokomo Aluminum Spur Gear Adapter
D-027 Yokomo Aluminum Suspension Mount Set
D-029 Yokomo Aluminum Steering Bell Crank Post
D-049 Yokomo FCD Standard Gear Set
D-058 Yokomo FCD Standard Solid Axle
SD-007DP Yokomo Titanium Turnbuckle Set
SD-644A Yokomo Aluminum Center Main Drive Cups
SD-644W Yokomo Graphite Main Drive Shaft
SD-Z33B Yokomo Drift Body Set For ORC Z33
SD-Z33L Yokomo Z33 Light Buckets
YS-6B Yokomo Aluminum Shock End Balls
YS-8B Yokomo Aluminum Shock Cap Balls
ZR-DR04 Yokomo ZERO-ONE R2 Super Drift Tires
TN-550 TN-Racing Input Shaft Set

The last few things that I'd like to purchase, then be done for AWHILE, would be the:

OD 1193 Overdose Aluminum Gear Case (x2 for Front/Rear)
OD 1252 Overdose Aluminum Steering Crank Set
And a whole bunch of Active Hobby Hex Screws, so that I can change out all of the black hardware to chrome hex-head hardware.

Now I can't wait to go get out and drive this thing with some buddies!  Maybe some R/C drift events will start being organized and posted here...?  We shall see!  Bushido!

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  1. Love overdose,just brought some for my yokomo dpm,cost nearly as much as the chassis,
    That's a great looking drift package :)