Monday, August 12, 2013


Here's a very special sneak peak of our member Mule's new wheel choice for his 2006 STi.  We're waiting on a set of tires before being able to mount up the wheels but really looking forward to seeing it with a new look next season, or even later this year.  I won't give away too much but keep a look out for a new post when the wheels are on the car and we have time for a proper shoot.  So far, I haven't seen any car in person running these wheels, and there's only about 5-6 cars online that I was able to find that actually have these wheels mounted up, from what I've seen.  Specs are:

WedsSport Wheels
18x9.0J  +35
FR Face
PCD:  5 x 114.3
Black Blue Machining (BBM)

 Oh and the racing nuts he got with them!  These are super light and beautiful, open-ended lugs.  Should look great mounted with the wheels on the car.

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