Monday, April 7, 2014

谷スタイル - D R I F T V A L L E Y I X

This past weekend, I finally got a chance to make it out to a Drift Valley event: Drift Valley IX.  My good friend Nick has been hassling me about making it out to one of these for awhile, and now I understand why.  They inject a totally different aura of awesome into grassroots style drifting - I mean I thoroughly enjoyed myself at this event.  Drift Valley was a judge-free zone.  Everyone was there to just fucking rock out and have a good time.  It was almost a bit of overload, because I couldn't handle capturing all of the genki dori.  

I rode down from the Baltimore area with Nick, his dad and Amigo Style himself.  If any of you follow me on the Gram, you would have seen I posted a photo at the ass crack of dawn as we stopped to gas up the '13. 

All off-season, Nick's been steady at it with the installation of his new Tomei goodies, including the above ARMS M7960 turbo.  It's been awesome to see the transformation of this car in such a short period of time, and as he murdered his first run of the day, his dad and I knew right away that all of the effort was about to pay off.

It was about 8:15AM when we arrived at Shenandoah Speedway - A track that's typically used for Oval Racing.  A speedy unload, and a quick attachment of the front bumper, headlights, and lip (which didn't stay on for long by the way).

Aside from the happenings on-track, the surrounding view was already enough to gaze upon and really made for some perfect static shots.

Barnie's S14, transplanted with a VH45 from what I understand, and comes fully equipped with a roof-chillin' girlfriend.

Just a small portion of the crowd present right before tech-inspection.

Derek's hatch, rocking the PRPL sticker.  (

I took the pleasure of unloading and perfectly aligning Nick's sets of drift spares. . . All of which were WORK Wheels.  This man knows how to kill it.

Some of the wildlife.

Derek out in the infield making smoke on one of the first runs of the day.

EVIL 326 ;-)

This is what we came for!

FUCK YEAH!!! I was a gitty little female on the sideline while we had to sit back and watch Nick roast that rubber.

I was actually really impressed with this guy Corey, running what seemed to be a mostly stock Z33.

Drift-truck - Whatever, looks rad, right?

S14 killin' that bank. 

Tommy Miata in the quadruple two-thousand Horsepower / 9999 ft-lb Torque, FD-retired MX5.  Thing sounded pretty tight, and smoked the balls out of some tires though.

Adam rockin' the RHD S13.5.

Fuck 'Em.  This is drifting.  Style, flair, and burning the tread off of some badass WORK Metal Buff Emotion XT-7's.

Kurt wasn't doing a bad job in his FREED 1JZ-Powered S13, after a two-year hiatus.

Unfortunately, the front bumper later had to be removed.

Aiming for that noodle!

And making the rear-end of the car disappear in clouds.

Scott, another one from the 'Pack, sliding his S13 vert.

A couple BMW's were out too!  This one was making crazy amounts of smoke, and FUCK was it loud. . .

Noodle-Nailin' Dylan and his passenger throwing up the WolfPack!

No time for rear bumpers. . .

Needless to say, this event rocked it and I'll be back at the next one in May.  I thought the drive home would consist of me falling asleep in the back seat of the truck, but we were all just too hyped about how the day went and could not stop talking, and looking back through all the photos and video we got.  Speaking of that, I should have some video to put up soon too, so keep an eye for that.  I leave this last one here from the ride home - WolfPackin' it into the sunset.  Bushido!

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