Wednesday, June 11, 2014

ハイパー 祭り - HyperFest 2014

 This year's HyperFest was nuts as usual, and with US Drift heading the on-track event, the drivers all showed some awesome skill.  There's been rumors that Summit Point may be selling their track for Police-use only in the near future, and that HyperFest may be moved to a new venue next year or possibly gone for good even.  So everything seemed to feel extra verve this year.  From the NASA road racing, to the car show, to the drifting, to J.R. and Chris doing their thing, and of course to all the partying afterwards, this year was just as excitable as always.  All the photos are pretty much of drifting, so there's not much to say except congrats to all the drivers who got out there and had fun.  Enjoy the photos, 武士道!

Here's the gentleman (Troy Manners) who ended up taking 1st place at US Drift: Round 1.

The driver of this S15, Matt Predmore, has been doing big things for the past year in conjunction with Freed Engineering.  I've literally been waiting to see this car drifting since it was dropped off at their shop around May 2013.  So stoked to see him back out there with a solid 2JZ motor now, and a good group of people to back him up.  It's also pretty awesome to see a car that was built for D1GP stateside and drifting - A lot of rare parts are used on the car, from aero to suspension to wheels, etc.  Check out Quickstyle Motorsports and Freed Engineering for more on the car and parts used.

Ride-alongs in La Flama Blanca, and the Monster Energy Ford Mustang.

Angerman comin' in hot, and rollin smoke!

James' car really turns out some of the coolest looking photos.

And here's a little snap from my side of the track, of the crew being drunk.

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