Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tomei Technical TRAX 2-Way

6 years I've been waiting for this moment.  6 fucking years.  I finally got my paws on a Tomei 2-Way for the Z33, along with some 3.9 Final Drive Gears which will boost my acceleration and response....perfect for getting sideways.

I took the diff apart because I originally wanted to restack the clutch plates so that it wouldn't be at 100% lock, but after considering it I just left it alone in the order the plates came from Tomei, and decided to get some cool photos while it was all disassembled.  Enjoy, 武士道 - B U S H I D O!

The housing resting on the pinion gear from the 3.9 FD gear set.

Housing removed, and springs, plates, pressure rings, side gears, spider gears, and pinions all still in place.

A bit closer.

Close-up of the first friction plate, with the opposite plate peeking out underneath.

Spider gears waiting to do their job.

The internals of this thing are so precise and beautiful.  I don't feel one bit of resentment on what I spent for this piece. 

And all of the clutch plates laid out in their original order from Tomei.

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