Friday, October 28, 2016


Photos and words by Juan Camargo
IG: @wolfpackjuan

I can’t drive my car up I-95 without having a gentleman in a somewhat “modified” car flex his muscles by flying past the hatch. It’s funny how much of a role egos play in this car game!  I rolled into the shop’s lot without Flako - this guy runs on his own time zone and I’ve been largely unsuccessful to coordinate a cruise.  Hugo, Nick, the Los, and Dylan were applying our new banners to Hugo’s hatch when I pulled in.  We decided to not do a livery, and just have cool matching banners.  We’ve built this team around a singular image, and having matching solid painted cars speaks to the commitment of its members.  The banners are crucial and tie everyone together.  Hugo decided to pull out his distributor, a bold move!  After some fiddling, and a loud POP we got his car running great again. Before we got too far along, Flako showed up and we promptly mashed the cars together for a shot!

Hugo popped in showing off his new Volks and the banner!

We place a big emphasis on the shoes you wear to the show!

We hurried back to the shop; there were a handful of items on the agenda.  Nick had been badgering me to run knuckles on my car for a few months now… I just kind of brushed the idea aside and focused on other knick-knacks, and all of a sudden a cool set popped up for a killer deal.  I hopped on it, and ramped-up the whole front end with LCAs, tension rods, and the knuckles.  I was absolutely blown away with the way the car responded on track with the changes.

The following weekend, I went to the shop to kick it and we toyed with the idea of making some Wolfpack-spec knuckles.  We flirted with the concept, made some marks, and next thing we know, the knuckles were cut!  There was no turning back now, and after a long night, they came out killer!  Flako was cordially summoned as the guinea pig. While Flako was tearing his front end apart, the vinyl expert Los applied the banner to my car:

The shop is filled with smiles when everyone is together!

Flako putting in work on his strut brace:

Nothing but animal lovers here:

Things were going a little too smoothly. . . If something hasn’t gone wrong yet while you’re working on your S-Chassis, you better brace yourself because you know damn well it’s coming.   Flako’s inner tie rods were too short for the new knuckle setup.  Nick rummaged through the Wolfpack Parts Depot, and came out empty handed.  I had a new set of longer inners at home, and I prepared for the trek back.

We hopped in the hatch and started the journey home!  It was nice having someone else in the car to prevent dozing off and diving head first into a ditch at 2 AM.  We grabbed the rods, switched cars and made our way back to the shop.

While Flako threaded the longer tie rods, Styles240 made a small mess on his designer jacket in the front of the shop!

Flako finished up the install, went for a test drive, and everything was a success!  He is the first person to prototype the Wolfpack Steering System with extended lower arms and the knuckles made in-house!  Pretty good feeling to have parts made here put to use.

Stay tuned for Paul’s coverage of his time back in Maryland!

武士道 - B U S H I D O!

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