Thursday, November 17, 2016


I feel like such a mega dweeb for taking nearly 3 months to get these photos finally compiled and stacked up in a post.  But like the title states. . . Here's the Southwest Drift Series 2016 Round 3 coverage we got!

I'm gonna keep the captions to a minimum on this one, since it's been so long since the event.  But there's plenty of other media outlets that covered the actual competition of this round, so here's my take on it.  Late that Saturday morning, I finally decided that I was gonna toss my dog in the car and huck it down to Tucson to catch some of the action - so off we went.  Got some decent stuff, and then once the sun started to set, I figured it'd be a lot nicer to just pack up the gear, sit back relax with Gayle and Kenji, watch the action and show support for my local drivers from the stands.

Austin's Zenki was one of the first sights while meandering the pit once I arrived late afternoon.

Sounded like I missed the driving that took place Friday afternoon/Saturday morning, and I was especially bummed to see Joe's car already loaded up on the trailer.

DJ doing cowboy things. . .

I also missed out on Dustin's seat time, so that was lame too.

Keith's S13 Vert interior.

Grrrrrrrrriffin helping Andrew out doing Last Place Co things.

Nick's V8 S14 catching a break in the shade.

Moral support from pops.

It was a little crazy to walk by Blake's car and see it so torn down.  Not sure exactly what they were trying to square away before competition, but the whole squad was working furiously to get it knocked out.  I do recall this day being a scorcher, and I could see the thoughts running through Kenji's mind when we walked by and saw a pan full of engine coolant on the ground.  After a brief moment of eye contact with who I believe was Blake's father and a nice chuckle, we quickly steered clear of that as I didn't want to make any emergency visits to a pet hospital.

A full set of VS-KF; Kenji-Approved!

Growing more and more fond of these panning shots from the paddock.

Zack's rad little FC, pre lemon-treatment.

Nice little sequence of Nick coming through Turn 1:

Nick was really looking so awesome that day, and I felt so incredibly heavy-hearted when I heard that his motor had popped and wouldn't be able to compete.

I feel like including a goofy pic of Kenji is now a staple in most of my posts!

The following sequence was hard to watch happen. . . .

Luckily, Blake recovered right out of the sand and got immediately back into the groove.

Keith must have the lowest seating position known to drifting.

I enjoyed a bit of a laugh along with everyone else, watching how many 'One-More-Time's Mike had to do during competition later that evening.

Lots of Zestino stickers popping up lately!

That sweet ass cone had to ruin the photo.

I'll end it off here - Shortly after this, the sun started to go down quickly and well my 5D MkI just doesn't like the low light.  Maybe it's finally time to start thinking about an upgrade. . .

Hope you enjoyed the well overdue snaps!
武士道 - B U S H I D O!

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