Sunday, June 27, 2010

HyperFest | XDC | Remix 2010 @ Summit Point, WV

Well it was one insane day in Summit Point, WV June 19th, 2010.  HyperFest, Remix, and XDC worked in conjunction to pull of a synergistic effect and resulted in one crazy car show, drift party with racing on the side!  HyperFest had things going on from the Xtreme Drift Circuit, to 24 hours of Lemons, the car show, to also NASA Racing and HyperDrive ride-alongs.
Chelsea Denofa killing it through the turns.  This is one CRAZY sounding E36.

Team Sun Works' LS1-Powered S13 by PowerFab.  I freaking loved this car.

There was some crazy stuff to see over in the Paddock where the NASA drivers were hanging out, including this awesome Porsche.  944's where also high in attendance.

More NASA Racing.

Definitely a good mix in the field for the car show and vendor booths.  Here is Re:Vision Auto Salon's race-prepped RX-8, peaking out of the tent.

Team Solo's little line-up.  I really love how you can see the detail of the insane aerodynamics on the Amuse Superleggera Front Bumper in this picture.

Complete Spoon S2000.  This car was to die for; definitely done right.

I would have liked to see these two run on the track though!

Later, there was another yellow S2K that had crashed while racing, resulting in a demolished front bumper, head light and fender, and his rear passenger wheel hub and axle completely bent.  So sad to see.  I also feel bad for the one guy who happened to flip his DAILY DRIVEN Honda DC1 in the last turn of the track while racing.  Wonder how he got home...?

More S2000's!  I believe the offset on these rear wheels was something dumb like -34!
I give mad love to the Team Emotion guys, who REALLY know what they are doing.

NOW, for the drifting of the day..
1JZ-Powered GReddy S14.  The car was VERY sick.  But the driver seemed to be having trouble with turn one.

Loving the detail in ths photo.

Steve Angerman was TEARING it up, even during practice.  His V8 Solstice had smoke pouring off the rear-end.

Another V8-Powered JDM.

Doug VanDenBrink clipping the inside and throwing up some dirt.  One mean Mustang I must say.

Chelsea Denofa, tailed by Stuart Leask.

The sky looking super crazy in the background of this photo, but Steve Angerman tailed by Chelsea Denofa.

Another shot of VanDenBrink.  Smoke just filling the air and leaving a cloud behind him down the track.

Down on the track after the last battle.  I think Doug is excited for a reason...

Congratulations to Doug VanDenBrink for taking 1st at XDC and winning the $3,000 top prize!

Congrats to Miro Ovcharik and Chelsea Denofa as well for landing in the top 3, and Steve Angerman coming in fourth place.

Once again, congratulations to all the drivers who placed!

Ahhh...the Daisy Duke Contest!
Stacey Acevero, local celeb it seems like!

Congrats to the winner of the Daisy Duke Contest!

I definitely enjoyed the whole entire day.  From the drive to meet up with our crew before we went to Summit, to blistering in the sun and getting annoyed by the nats out in the field while watching the drifting.  It was one great event, and I'm glad it came together so well.  I can't wait now for XDC Englishtown, NJ on August 7th!  We will for sure be there, as well as Firebird Raceway for the XDC Finals on October 16th in Phoenix, AZ!

Enjoy the rest of the coverage!

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