Wednesday, June 9, 2010

OC Car Show Spring 2010

We were able to get to the OC Car Show this past Sunday held at the Ocean City Convention Center in Maryland.  Definitely a pretty good turnout, and a wide variety of, err, tastes present.  I was there with my buddies from Revision Auto Salon, Mischief, and Race Apeel.  Anyways, check out the photos.

John's S13 on AME's which actually took Best Engine in Show.

Here's a snap of the K-1 Attack Car (seen in the Mischief Dynasty movies) driven by an owner of Race Apeel, hiding away in the Revison trailer before it came out for the show.
This dope Suby was brought to the show by the Aaron Vaccar Signature Series Tour.  The car is sick, with some HRE's and a set of insanely shiny Endless brakes peeking out from behind.

HPi Racing was present at the show with a small track set up showing off their Micro RC Cars.  Too bad they didn't have a bit of a larger section available to show off some of the Drifters and get some more attention to the hobby.  Check them out:
A few IS350's were bunched together, two stanced out on some Linea Corse wheels and looked so clean.
Shout out to Mala Sisengthong for modeling on my boy Goofball's freshly painted Z33.  Thank you!
And I would give some recognition to the next two models (and Goof's phone number) if I knew their names!  But either way, thank you as well!

These guys brought their Rail-Car to the show.  Had to be one of my favorite things there.  Just check out the paint job!
...And a view of what it might look like from the driver's seat.

My new friend Kellie repetitively got in my way while I was trying to shoot. -_-
There we go!

Loaded Gun had a small section setup inside the convention center with a few crazy bikes.  This one here was definitely my favorite.

A truck lifted enough to walk under...

Rockford Fosgate had a "rally" Evo in the show....Look a little closer at those "headlights."
Enjoy the rest of the coverage.  Bushido.
Psst...And just in case you never knew what the "SF" in the SF line of Volk Racing wheels stood for.

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