Sunday, September 7, 2014


Been slacking on updates to my Doripake - I transferred everything over to the new RC926 Silver Carbon Chassis back in June and I'm so stoked on the way it looks.  A few more parts to go, and then I think I can finally say it'll be done.  A little bit more chassis prep to go as well - I need to remove everything back off and add a little more Cusco Blue paint to the edges then seal with glue, and add the 3M clear bra to the underside.  Also the upper deck is not installed in any of the below photos; I'm yet to put that on, but plan to once I have that prepped as well.  Enjoy the photos, Bushido!

Focus-stacked, dead on shot.

Front gear case - Still need to upgrade the dampers and springs.

So far, I don't have a lot of time on the new KO Propo radio (EX-5UR Transmitter with KR-210S Receiver) and electronic servo (PDS-2531 [wtih Blue LED of course]) that I'm now running, but I REALLY liked it when I had everything set-up in my stock Yokomo tub.  The Blue LED on the back of the servo really looks so cool and I'm glad I dropped the cash on a new and higher-end piece.  Also planning to switch up from my current Overdose steering rack, to pick up the newly designed Overdose slide rack for the drift package.

Still some gearing left to fiddle with to get my Final Drive Ratio and CS where I want them.  The car should be above 3.0 Countersteer ratio once I have all the gearing sorted out.

Picked up these HPI WORK Meister S1's off my buddy who had extras laying around, and threw on the new Yokomo Carpet tires.  I really like the feel and look of these new tires, and although they're a little bit more pricey than other options, I really feel like they're worth they extra bucks.

Still need to upgrade my front steering set-up to Type-C so I can get the angle out of it that I want.  Not too far off from where I need to be, and I'm really excited to be able to drive the car again.  Once it's complete, I'd love to plan a trip out west and go visit the new Fatlace RC track at the Paddock.  I'm coming for you, Mark!

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