Tuesday, September 9, 2014

RC926 Doripake Conversion - Preassembly

Just some photos that I forgot to post (sorry for the graininess - I had to bump up the exposure quite a bit in PS) from preassembly of the chassis with the new RC926 Silver Carbon Conversion Kit.  In case you were wondering, I decided to go with the 2.3mm kit that was offered because it's right in the middle of the 2.0mm and 2.6mm kits that are offered, for a nice balance.

Overdose gear cases all set to be bolted down to the chassis.

The hardware included with the RC926 kit is beautiful - The blue is not a dead-on match of the Overdose blue, but it's extremely close and gives for a slight hue difference to break things up.

Everything laid out and ready to be put together.

While prepping the chassis, I came across the option of using a Sharpie permanent marker to color the edges of the carbon.  I originally tried this with blue Sharpie and it didn't turn out quite how I had hoped - more of a green/purple color.  So I wiped it back off, and then Maisa came up with a great idea..I have a can of Cusco touch-up paint from my 6-Point cage in the Z, and decided to use that for the edges of the chassis.  The color that I was going for ended up being exactly what I wanted, and there's even a little sparkle in the paint now.  All that's left to do is seal the edge with glue, and add the 3M clear bra on the underside.

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