Monday, January 19, 2015

浮世 - O H , B A L T I M O R E

Took a quick little adventure up to The Sound Garden ( yesterday with my buddy Mike to check out their vinyl stock, and see what else was new there.  It was oddly quiet down in the Fell's Point area of Baltimore, where this independent record store is located, but it was a really nice change.  That entire room in the front there is all new vinyl, and then located further back in the shop is a whole other section of used vinyl as well.

Sound Garden always has the best stock and variety of music around.  Last time I visited there, I was even telling the cashier who rung me up for my Bonobo and The Bug vs. Earth purchase that even after shopping a few record shops up in NYC on a recent trip, that their selection is still far superior.  I ended up picking up just two CD's this time around though - Michna's 'Thousand Thursday' and Willits + Sakamoto's 'Ocean Fire.'

Take a walk right across the street, and step onto the Bond Street Wharf.  Across Baltimore's harbor you can see the Domino Sugar Factory, some of Baltimore's seafood restaurants, and a little glimpse of Federal Hill.  Just to the left (and out of shot) is the Under Armour factory as well.

 Thames St x Bond St
It's pretty cool how they've been able to preserve some of the old roadways and rail systems around this area, but it makes it extremely low-car unfriendly.  That cobblestone road is no joke.

So I always try to park out one block, on the main roadway, and walk into Fell's.  Just in the background you can see the Legg Mason building, and over to the left and out of shot is a pretty new Morgan Stanley building.

This photo sucks, but I thought I'd go ahead and throw it up here anyway.  I think I've been hanging around Nick too much lately, because I still want the Z to go lower. . .
武士道 - B U S H I D O!

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