Saturday, January 17, 2015

O V E R D O S E スライドラックステアリングセット - ドリパケ U P D A T E

Thanks to either the JPY getting somewhat weak lately, or the USD getting a little bit stronger (doubt it), the currency conversion for Yen to Dollar has been awesome recently and figured I'd take advantage of that earlier this week!  I picked up a couple new OVERDOSE goodies for the Doripake, including their newer slide rack steering set (OD1602), newer aluminum bumper support set (OD1702), and some of their HD Ball Cap Sets (OD1585).  Also, I snagged a Kazama Auto 31mm Master Spring Set (01031129) off of a seller on eBay for a good deal.  I'm actually planing to pick up a second set so I have more options to play around with.  The white (Soft) springs are pictured below.

The new slide rack is supposed to generate a lot more angle than the previously released OVERDOSE steering rack set that was just based off of the Yokomo High-Angle set.  I pieced it together, which was a bit confusing to me at first how it worked - But it's actually really awesome, and operates so smoothly.  The dark gray/silver piece of the slide rack is some ridiculously lightweight metal material - I would imagine as to not strain the steering servo too much, and make for quick response.

Also, the new bumper support set is pretty nice.  The actual blue anodized bumper support is in a different design than the original one that OVERDOSE released.  So the new one will get installed on this chassis, and the old one I have will be used on my (mostly) stock Yokomo tub chassis.  The plan is that once I have this chassis complete, I should have enough remaining parts to rebuild by stock chassis again and have a spare missile car to let friends use, and that I won't care too much about.  Stay tuned for more updates, as I should have the final pieces needed coming in soon!  
武士道 - B U S H I D O!

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