Saturday, May 30, 2015

GoFast Drift & Drag - Arizona Exploring

 Since my move out to AZ, I've been looking HARD for drift events in the area.  I see that VegasDrift seems to have a big presence around Phoenix, but I had just missed their Round 1 event in Chandler a couple months ago.  About two and a half weeks ago, I came across an event online called the GoFast Drift and Drag nights at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, AZ aka Bondurant Driving School property.  They seem to happen about once a month or so, and luckily when I came across this online, there was an event coming up that same weekend.  So a friend and I drove down to go check it out!

It definitely did not disappoint!  I was really curious to see a drift event out West compared to what I'm used to attending back on the East coast.  There was plenty to look at in the paddock alone.

Eleven's Paint and Fiber (a local body shop) came out in full-force.  It was cool to see some cars in person that I've seen on the internet before.

Like George's FC RX-7.  Definitely a treat for not being around anything I was used to seeing for about a month.

The driving level was pretty cool - There was clearly some more advanced drivers mixed in with the more amateur drivers, and the event layout seemed pretty relaxed.

And there definitely appeared to be some style present, which was refreshing.

And then there was some unexpected chassis being driven too, which was also different and cool.  Some dudes were really laying it down and getting the crowd excited.

Cool color combo and style on this hatch.  The driver was doing a nice job that night.

One of the Eleven's cars - This hatch looked SWEET!

Even without a media pass, I was able to find myself a pretty sweet spot on one of the last corners of the course layout.  Made for some decent shots!

I also ran up to the bleachers for a bit which gave a REALLY cool angle of the whole track.

After a few haphazard warm-up passes, the driver of this IS300 was actually laying down some really nice runs!

The more experienced drivers were taking some pretty aggressive and fun to watch lines.

The driver of this SC was linking all corners like it was his job!

Yet another solid hatch - I dig these guys' style!

And lastly, this S13/Pick-up!  Dude was running solid, while scraping the underside of his chassis throughout the track.  I dig it!

All in all, I'm really glad I went and checked this out.  Looking forward to the next one of these and getting more of a chance to talk to some of the drivers and folks out here.  I kinda hung back this time so I could just feel it out and get the vibe of the event.  But I like what I see!
武士道 - B U S H I D O!

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