Sunday, January 10, 2016

野蛮 馬 - Move The Ferrari

The first GoFast Drift and Drag of 2016 took place yesterday at Wild Horse Motorsports Park, and after not being around anything drift or car related in general for over a month, I wasn't missing this event.  It was an awesome time, as usual, and got to see some different cars show up which was nice.

Since the winter season is way cooler than the summer months, GoFast is able to start the event earlier in the day, and that gave me a chance to actually get some sunset shots of the cars on track.

BUT, the sun still does set pretty fast during January here so I really didn't get a chance to take too many photos regardless.  Not too much to say about this event, except for it's really laid-back, fun and everyone seems to enjoy it (both drivers and spectators).  

I'm still getting to know some of these guys, so unfortunately I don't have much more for this post than just some exposure-bumped photos.  Enjoy the rest!

OH, the nice surprise of the day was seeing AJ from Risky Devil out here in his Altezza.  Walking up through the paddock when I got there and seeing that car sitting in the tech line, was a shock!  Dude can lay it down nice and smooth.
武士道 - B U S H I D O!

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