Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Long before I even moved out west, I friend-requested Scott on Facebook probably because we had some mutual friends in common.  For years, that was the extent of me knowing him.  But now that I've been in the Phoenix area for almost a year (wow, can't believe how fast time flies), I've actually gotten the pleasure of getting to know him in person and see him drive at events.

A few weeks ago, he hit me up and asked if we could shoot some photos of his car that he needed for a sponsorship situation.  I was happy he came to me, and gladly made myself available the following weekend.

Lucky for us, you can pretty much go anywhere in Arizona and find a pretty sweet spot to take some quality photos.  I won't give this one away, cuz I might want to use it in future situations :) But, you'd be surprised if I showed you where it was, seeing as how it looks like we were somewhere far up in the mountains, away from anything typical. 

Scott and I met up nice and early that Saturday morning, snagged a coffee and off we went to get some sunrise shots.  I enjoyed being pleasantly surprised by the results I was getting experimenting with my flash.

First thing I noticed when I pulled up into the Starbucks parking lot, was the fuel jugs tied down in the bed of his car truck.  Caught me off-guard, and I asked, "Do you run E85?"  Sure enough he does, and I was stoked from then on out to smell and hear this car running.

All the shots we needed for this time around were just exterior.  Maybe I'll get to shoot his car again in the future and get some nice detail shots of the engine bay, interior, etc. .

If you couldn't tell by now who these photos were for. . .

One of my favorites from this whole set.  Just wish that man-hole cover wasn't ruining the shot.  I suppose I could have clone-stamped it out. . .

Not saying I didn't use any clone-stamp or healing brush in any of these shots though ;)

Hanging around that morning, and taking it nice and slow while shooting his car allowed Scott and me to bullshit about stuff and get to know each other a little better, which was way cool.  For example, he gave me the back story on his custom Rasta lion hood, which was hand airbrushed by a young local artist.  It's really cool to see the artwork up close, as closer to the edges the color starts to fade into the carbon fiber weave below.  Aside from the fact that basically the rear half of his car has been chopped off, it's some of the cool, one-off touches that make cars like Scott's stand out that much more.

Thanks for the opportunity to let me shoot your car, Scott!  Hope everything turned out as you pleased, and looking forward to getting some more sweet photos of the Sil-Truck in the future!
武士道 - B U S H I D O!

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