Monday, May 16, 2016

Last Minute Tuscon Adventures

Since attending the Wild Horse Pass events, I've heard and seen all about the track down at Musselman Honda Circuit (previously P1 Kart Circuit), which is just East of Tuscon and just under a two hour drive from the Phoenix area.  How do I know?  Two weekends ago, I couldn't make up my mind whether to drive down there alone, and spend the entire afternoon and evening there by myself essentially, or to wait for my girlfriend to get off work so we could travel down together.  5PM arrives, and I'm still in Tempe so decided to wait it out and have some company for the adventure down to Tuscon.  I'm for sure glad I went, and glad I waited for Gayle too because this was an awesome first visit to the track I've been meaning to get to for quite some time.

Knowing that it would be dark by the time we got down there, I knew I wouldn't be able to get any photos that were too great.  But surprising enough, being out in the middle of nowhere, this track is actually better lit and much easier to see at night than Wild Horse.  I loved the setup of Musselman; the actual course seems extremely nice and the asphalt looks so smooth and tempting.  The pit areas don't look like garbage, and I even happened to witness the owner of the track yelling at someone too lazy to walk around the fence to the gate, trying to hop over it.  It's nice to see people actually care about their property.  

Given that we DID arrive later in the day, it appeared that there really weren't too many drivers on the track which was pretty nice.  There weren't any long waiting lines, it was easy to track down the better or more experienced drivers, and from what I could tell there didn't appear to be run groups.

About the only hold-up was if someone went off-track into the dirt, which I overheard that some rules on reentering the course had changed recently.  Previously, I remember reading on the event page that drivers were told to slowly reenter the track if they found themselves off-course, as to minimize the amount of dirt pulled onto the asphalt.  But while walking through the pit, I had heard someone mentioning that if cars went off-track, then track staff had told the drivers to wait to come be pulled out by one of their ATV's. . .

It was nothing really to complain about though, as it kept the track nice and perfect for smooth times.  Seeing some familiar drivers and faces was definitely nice, and I could see why folks that were hitting this track more than others were trying to explain how much better it is.  If it was me, I might keep the secret of this little gem to myself. . .

A couple of the Ruckus dudes (Sean and Dustyn) were out there, and looking way good.  Musselman is primarily a Karting track, so the layout is fairly tight and technical.  But I feel like that makes the course for some good 2nd gear fun!

Both their cars were looking and sounding great.  Dustyn took under-glow to a whole new level, and shoved some LED strobes up in the wheel wells!  Shit looked crazy haha

Aside from this R32 (which I LOVE that we're starting to see these things sliding around tracks in the states now), there was a C33 Laurel with SSR SP1's and some flame vinyl floating around at this event too.  That dude definitely gets the cool points in my book for the evening.

Although I did have some trouble shooting, and my photos didn't come out great (in my opinion), I'm still super glad we took the time to drive down to Musselman for this event and it was totally worth it to at least go check it out.  I'll probably make it a point to try and hit more events here now after having been to one finally.  I know for sure that once I get the Z33 out here to Arizona (which SHOULD be within the next month or so!), that I will plan to make the drive down to this track for sure!  It seems well worth the drive for some quality track and seat time.  Til next time. . .
武士道 - B U S H I D O!

P.S.  Here is the C33 I was able to snap a pic of, but formatted my memory card before remembering to actually edit this photo. . .  SMH

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