Thursday, July 14, 2016


Going to a Drift Valley event that I was actually gonna be able to drive was a new and strange feeling.  For some reason, I've always thought what nerve-wracking emotions must come over drivers at grassroots events who are still learning how to drift, but doing it in front of large masses of people watching.  Well it's funny how quickly that thought doesn't even phase you and passes once you sit down into your seat, pop on your steering wheel, follow your crew out onto track for a parade lap, and line up in the staging area.  I can't help but have a huge grin crawl across my face, ear-to-ear when I'm able to pop my helmet on and push that throttle pedal down to the floor out on track.

Well Saturday came soon enough during my visit back to the East Coast.  We left at the ass-crack of dawn - Nick, Billshido, and Amigostyle pulling the trailer with the hatch aboard, and myself following behind in my Z.  The drive out to Shenandoah Speedway is like clockwork, with the ritual 5AM stop at 7-Eleven / Exxon, and the 7AM stop at Exxon in Front Royal, VA for a gas-up and Dunkin Donut recharge.  It wasn't long after that we arrived at the track, met up with the rest of the Wolfpack, and began unloading gear, wheels and tires.

T O Y 4 H O S

Once we got situated, I was in a mad dash to get my rear CR's over to Ben so I could get these fresh rubbers mounted up.  Luckily, Juan had brought a set of same size tire I run that had already been mounted and dismounted which made the sidewalls a little more flexible and we were able to get the bead seated so I could enjoy my day!  I'm absolutely in love with the white/chrome combo and especially since both pair have the ultra deep concave face.  Deep concave on both front and rear is definitely the way to go!

When I wasn't on track waiting for my turn to spin-out, I was roaming around the paddock taking random photos trying to capture the vibe of the day.

I had known one of my good friend's Greg was in the area with his son, E10, to go camping on the Shenandoah River for the weekend.  He was a champ and made it out for a bit to come hang out and watch me slide for awhile.  It's always a treat to see him roll up in his fancy, elegant Tesla - exceedingly this time too as the silent electric-mobile was covered in dirt and dust, and this hilarious play off his license plate.

While not the fastest or most competitive car in US Drift, there's really no denying that Nick's hatch is the cleanest car in the series.  Presence of all body panels.  Absence of all obnoxious stickers.  A nice clean paint job.  Low on stylish wheels, and a sound that pleases your ear drums in just the right way.

And would you look at that - It puffs out plumes of tire smoke.

Walking back towards the tent, I spotted this incredibly done, Cali-styled Harley.

For such a long day, it didn't seem like long before it was all said and done.  Sadly, Nick was eliminated in his first round of competition against Dylan Hughes.  But the fact that he did make it into Top 16 Comp says enough itself, and we were happy just to be around and represent our home track.  After all the rounds were made, saying 'til next time' to the folks we see at each event, we bee-lined it for Roy Rogers for a much needed meal and coffee.  I think we unloaded the car and all the gear back at the shop in record timing that night, as I'm pretty sure we were all on the brink of heat stroke.

Photo by Bill Pullin

After some much needed rest, the next day we thought it would be an awesome idea to get the whole crew together at the shop for somewhat of a BBQ.  In my typical fashion, I made it over there about an hour late but I was pumped to get to just relax around HQ with everyone there, having some beers and bullshit about the day before.  It was also a cool opportunity to get all of cars together in one place for a bit. . .

Photo by Bill Pullin

I'm odd man out with my non-black roof in the bunch, let alone the only Z-chassis.  Regardless, there's so much goodness in this photo, and there's only more coming in the future for Wolfpack. . .

Photo by Bill Pullin

Billigan ran out and made sure to snap several photos of the whole line-up before I had to dip out.  When you're only town for a set amount of time, you have to make sure that you satisfy everyone important, and that meant leaving the BBQ to go have some dinner with my Memere and brothers.

Photo by Bill Pullin

They later moved the cars around after I left, and got some more amazing shots.  That's El Lobito, a young Wolf in the making.  You've got a good bunch of people to guide you on the right path, little man.

That's really about it for my extravagant, excitingly unexciting, eventfully uneventful but fulfilling trip back to Maryland. While I didn't get absolutely everything done that I had hoped to, but knew I wouldn't be able to, I had a fucking blast like I knew I would as well.  I give some serious props to my Wolfpack crew for being an insanely awesome collection of beings.  I couldn't ask for a cooler group of folks to call my Wolfpack Fam.

武士道 - B U S H I D O!

You didn't think I was just gonna leave you like that, did you!?  Here's the video recap of the day:

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