Thursday, July 7, 2016


The Wolfpack crew has been hard at work lately getting ready for some upcoming events. Since I'm away from the den for the next several months, Juan thought this would be a cool opportunity to do some sit-in work and write a guest blog! I was totally game for it, and hoping to do more like this in the future so we can get more content out. Enjoy! 

Photos and words by Juan Camargo
IG: @wolfpackjuan

I had been fighting a “loss of power” issue for quite some time now. After I hit the wall last event, the car has been really bumming me out. I eventually took the car up to Nick’s to see if we could get this issue sorted. I had tried essentially everything, running tons of tests and all have yielded inconclusive results. If you think cars are just inanimate objects; you have no idea how flagrantly wrong you are. Cars have a personality, they have an attitude, and they react to how you treat them. My hatch was NOT having it with me. It’s as if from the moment I got the car off the trailer, it was thinking “I’m tired of this bullshit you’re putting me through, and I’m sick of the abuse.” This car really seemed to develop an attitude with me. Anyway, Flako the papichulo graced us with his presence, sporting a few stuffed bags of McDs to keep us fueled. 

Isn’t he just dreamy? The testing ensued, I felt like I was on an episode of House, and we were all brainstorming possible causes to the symptoms we were experiencing. We swapped parts, ran voltage and resistance tests, did some pulls around the compound all to no avail.

I took a step back for a second and looked at the whole situation from the outside. This is what this hobby is truly about. It’s not looking for fame, glory, having the tightest car, or getting your well deserved media credit. It’s about the people you do it with.

We’re all really fortunate to be a part of what we built. This night really exemplified what the Wolfpack is all about. Everyone comes together to help out, hang out and talk a bunch of shit! Even when things are going awry, we’re all still laughing hysterically and having a good time. Nights like these, when we’re all together, Paul’s presence is really missed!

You never really realize just how much of a tin can these cars are until you start hacking the core support… I remember when I first pulled an engine out of my hatch, I had cut my support and it made life so much easier. It also looks tight when the car is sitting with no support and the whole front end exposed!

There’s always something to do at the Wolfpack HQ, nothing a couple cervezas can’t get you through, regardless of how tedious the job.

Sparks always make for killer shots! Making brackets is an unrealized art form. Even though I drove home with the car still fucked, I always leave the shop super motivated. Seeing what Nick’s been working on is always some form of an inspiration, and I’m eager to keep pushing along with this nonsense issue before the next event. I’ll leave you guys with a little teaser of the madness that the Wolfpack Drift Club is brewing.

武士道 - B U S H I D O!

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