Friday, March 16, 2018


The power of color and the influences they have on us is an impressive thing, and isn't it interesting enough in itself that we individually choose a color that we claim as our favorite?  For whatever subconscious reason that my spirit has decided, the color blue will always make me feel a certain way that no other color can replicate or satisfy in the way this atmospheric hue does.  This explains how my subtle blue accents found their way into my car modifications, beginning originally with the blue anodized duraluminum WORK lugnuts that came with the first set of CR Kai's that I bought.  Shortly after that, it was the royal blue stitching in the custom leather armrests, door cards and knee pads for my interior, followed-up with cobalt that adorns my KEY!S Racing Deep Leather steering wheel.  And last but not least, the Hyper Blue upholstery of the Bride Zeta III in the cockpit, held firmly in place with some Dressupbolts Blue Titanium fasteners, which cradles me anytime I'm on track wearing my helemt which of course I had to upgrade with the blue mirror visor.

So it was no question that while poking around on and discovering that Nismo makes aftermarket mirrors for the Z33, which just so happen to be produced in 'Multi Function Blue,' that I had to have them.  In fact, I had spotted these online awhile back and while visiting Omori Factory in Yokohama, getting to see them in person confirmed that these little pleasures were a necessity.

These sapphire gems arrived safely via EMS to my front door in a matter of days from the fine folks over in Fukuoka.  It was very testing for me to not tear the package open and immediately install these, but since I couldn't find much information in my online researching (as I typically do for weeks on end before purchasing something), I thought it might be a nice gesture for the next soul who comes along and is wondering if these bad boys are worth the plunge. 

Well, I must say that if not for just simply the packaging alone, the investment was well worth it.  Unpacking the contents displayed not just the mirrors themselves, but a rather clear instruction manual (if you can read Japanese), a very handy alcohol cleaner wipe and for dessert, a hand-numbered serial number card from Nismo - Yes, apparently serial-numbered mirrors are a thing.  Nismo thought of it all.

They were almost too pretty to install on the car, but I couldn't just let them remain sealed in their package for the rest of their lives.  So I dreamily stared them down for a bit while analytically investigating their being as I overstressed myself taking photos of some damn mirrors.

Conveniently, they come prepped with double-sided tape already in place and ready for install.  I wasn't just going to run out to the car and hastily slap 'em in place though - no, of course not.  I had to go run the Z through a hand wash and make sure all the water droplets were clear, and mirrors were dry before I even thought about peeling those tape-backings off.

BOOM!  Here they are in all of their blue glory.

When the sun hits the mirrors at the right angle, the color of the glass itself changes to this magnificent blurple shade, and projects a satisfying reflection against the paint of the door.

I will say that after driving the Z around with these installed, it took some getting used to the extreme wide angle that the glass projects.  I love it though - I'm able to get a clear and full view of the cars in lanes next to me which really helps eliminate some of the terrible blind spots the 350Z has.  Couldn't be happier with my purchase.

For those of you interested, here is the Nismo Part #:

武士道 - B U S H I D O!

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