Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Since the moment the Scrambler Ducatis started rolling home, the desire to modify them has been intense.  While the 803cc engine rumbles so nicely from the factory, there's this itch to free up the system and let the true soul of the bike's heart shine through.  So it only seemed like an appropriate birthday gift for Dad: a Termignoni Sport-Line exhaust system for his Mach 2.0.  

Before we even started removing exhaust springs and loosening Allen bolts, we got the new system all mocked up to get a good idea of how everything should slide into place and bolt-up.  Luckily, Ducati provides that convenient dual-purpose shipping wrap / preparation blanket for the shiny new parts while you get ready for the install ;)

Time for the old cat and muffler to come off!

. . . And get the hardware in place, which will cradle the Termi snug in its new home.

A quick break to get up close and personal with the detailed, retro paint job on the Mach 2.0's tank.  This moto is so fun and enjoyable in more ways than just the comfortable, liberating ride that it offers.

All fitted up, we couldn't get the pipes and silencer cleaned of our fingerprints soon enough so that we could start it up and hear the music.  This system comes with a removable dB-killer which Dad chose to leave in for now.  I'm yet to hear it with the baffle removed, but I'm sure it'd be even more brilliant than the grumble which now radiates from just below your right foot.

I was a little worried that the sportier style of the silencer might not jive with the theme and tone of the Mach, but now seeing it in place I think it seems right at home.

I really got a kick out of the smaller details, like the Ducati logo you may see that's been recessed from the hangar mount.  We can't forget about the upmap key that comes along with the system as well to ensure the engine's computer is running as it should.  A simple removal of the seat, and swap the plug into place makes everything nice.

I'm not sure who was more excited for this install: me or Dad.  But it sure was a straight-forward but rewarding move.  I enjoyed the cruise out to Bartlett Lake afterwards where we stopped to enjoy the weather, and he gave me a chance to zip around on the Scrambler for a few laps down the street.  All I have to say is that I came back with a giant grin on my face.

More to come!
武士道 - B U S H I D O!

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