Friday, September 7, 2018


It's safe to say that the Scrambler Ducati now holds a certain place in our family's heart - I won't forget the day that I opened a text message from my Mom with a photo of her sitting atop a brand new Flat Track Pro at the dealership, and seeing that smile on her face, I knew it wouldn't be long before that bike was sitting in their garage.  I frantically called to get the details, and assuring me that it was just a joke - it wasn't but a little while later that I was assisting in getting their car home after a deal had been struck for them to take home Dad's Mach 2.0 as part of the package.

Yellow has always been Mom's color - but some things can't be left untouched, and require the eye of an artist.  Getting a little inspiration from here and there, we all started sending each other links and photos of parts and other bikes that we liked.  A custom paint job for the FTP was on the horizon. . . it just did't know it yet.

The inception was swapping seats with the Roland Sands Design bike that fell comfortably in formation of the cavalry of motorcycles beginning to appear in the garage.  The Flat Track Pro's yellow stitching works out nicely for the retro theme of the Mach 2.0, and by trading saddles we could get a glimpse into some of the next stages.  Searching high and low, a local Cave Creek upholsterer was located and agreed to needle some time into his schedule - the result is this beautifully tame OEM look that's been kicked up a notch with a rich, golden tan inlay.

For the color scheme, something a little more subtle than the loud Ducati yellow is what Mom had in mind, while still maintaining a sophisticated and dashing quality.  While attending Arizona Bike Week, she spotted a Torc T-1 helmet in Copper Tin finish that directly collided with the vision for the Scrambler.  Mom and Dad's amazingly friendly salesperson, Nate, from the local Duc dealer put her in touch with a nearby custom painter and over the course of the following several weeks, ideas were thrown around until a date was worked out to drop off the bike for its facelift.

Early on a Saturday morning, we trekked a few towns down and found ourselves standing in front of a suburban neighborhood, two-car garage - we were in the right place, yeah?  Since Levon has more recently cut back on the amount of custom work he does, we quickly discovered that he now prefers to lay spray from the comfort of his home.  By the time I pulled up on the bike, all other parties were already standing in the driveway going over their plans for the gas tank, fenders and other fairings, while Levon continued to run in and out of his garage, snagging paint cans one at a time from the massive shelf upon which they sat to convey his concepts.

Watching the mastermind analyze and reveal his cans of dreamy, hypnotic liquid - a plan was agreed upon.  None of us could wait to see the layers of metallic flake, but next up was deciding how and where to brand the fuel tank.  After much debate and some google searches, the classic Ducati signature is just what felt right for the style everything was en route towards. 

It's all about the details.  Really making something your own means adding a piece of you - maybe it's getting involved in a project to the point where you feel the product displays something about your personality - or maybe it's exhibiting a piece of who you are that may not make sense to anyone else, and doesn't have to - or maybe it's just something that's left up to interpretation by the looker-on.  Whatever it is, your passion should mimic your complexion and personality - someone can tell a a lot about another through their output.

This project was like any other that Mom gets involved in - the outcome is nothing short of stunning.  We finally got a day cool enough to enjoy a pretty decent length Sunday cruise, and I wasn't going to pass yet another opportunity to snag some shots.  So after this past weekend's Local Jonny's lunch, I made it a point to find a spot in town to show off the Scrambler in all it's splendor.

Some of the more simple details lend a classy and nostalgic hint while. . .

. . . some of the others serve a discernible and endorsing purpose.

I'm thrilled to share this bike with everyone and can't wait to see what the next phase of her vision brings to this platform.  While roving through town as a pack, I can't help but let a huge smile widen across my cheeks and get those satisfactory butterflies in my soul as I get to share something as special as this with important people in my life.
My Mom's cooler than you.
武士道 - B U S H I D O!

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